Pet owners adopt dogs because they are the most loyal animal in the world. Dogs are “man’s best friend,” and we’ve seen a lot of pet owners spending lots of money on them. But, Kalle here, the dog that we’re going to feature today and showed in the picture above, has proven that dogs could also be a great help to their owners.

Kalle’s owner has a farm which is home to some animals like rabbits and pigs. Instead of just looking at his owner feeding the animals, Kalle chose to feed his farm friends himself.  It’s time for the rabbits to eat so Kalle picked some food for them. He pulled some carrots using his mouth and delivered them to the rabbits. Instead of just putting them on the ground, he made sure that everyone eats by leaving the carrots hanging in his mouth.

It was a good call because, after a few seconds, one of the piglets wanted to eat some carrots. If Kalle had left it on the ground, the carrots would have been eaten mostly by one piglet alone. Kalle was adamant to let go of the carrots and made sure that the rabbits will consume the carrots.

Kalle implied to the piglet that it’s not his food and he should wait until it is his time. He seemed to enjoy looking at the rabbits as they are chewing their carrots. It would’ve increased Kalle’s self-esteem after a job well-done.

Not all dogs are capable of helping their owners, but we could always train them. Sometimes, we are out of ideas on what activities we should introduce our dogs to. It’s not a bad idea if we let them help us in our daily activities. Delegating them something to do will not just lessen our workload, but this also helps them be physically and mentally healthy.



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