As a pet owner, there are many things that you need to be aware of. Starting off in the right foot when training your dog is an important step. Regardless of age, all dogs need some training in order for them to be handled in all situations easily. Basic training and obedience classes will be the wisest investment for your new buddy. It can help you build a stronger bond and you’d also learn how to control your dog. You can watch TV shows, read dog books, and search for articles that can help with the process.

There are many reasons why you should train your dog. This allows them to understand your expectations, helps them become calmer and relaxed in different situations. It can also help to easily adopt in new places and with new people. More so, it provides them with their needed structure which makes them easier to be controlled and most importantly, help them find new home from the shelter. Sad to say, one of the biggest reasons that dog is returned to shelters is because of their lack of training and uncontrollable behavior.

Commands and Trainings Tips for Dogs:

The following dog training tips and command will help you ensure your pet’s good behavior and an obedient functional member of the family. If you’re patient and if you have the time, the following are some ways to begin teaching your dog.

Enforce your commands all the time – Never allow your dog to disobey a command and make sure to give him a reward whenever he follows it. Help him perform the command whenever he does not follow it immediately and don’t forget his reward. Above all, do not do anything negative to him when he comes to you after you call him. Never react with anger if ever he disobeys you, this may resort to fear and your dog may not listen to you in the future. Attempting to do other dog training tips after that may just be useless.

Immediately give your dog a reward when he listens to you – Giving dog treats or praise is among the most effective forms of positive encouragement. It helps the dog know that he is doing a great job at responding to your commands. Have the treats ready as soon as your dog performs correctly during his training. These tips will help you avoid any form of discouragement or confusion during your dog’s training.

Teach your dog one command at a time – Teach your dog slowly, eventually he will learn the command in time. Don’t overload commands and instructions in one training session. Too much command and information my resort to failure. Patience is the key while you’re training your dog. It takes time. Your dog will not respond to commands or learn them in just a few weeks.

Make the training fun – Make the training fun for you and your dog. This is a chance to grow and have a stronger bond with your pet. After mastering the basic of dog training tips and command, go to fun tricks like roll over, play dead and shake hands. You made your role clear so your dog will begin to follow you.


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