Dogs have an impeccable sense of smell. Wouldn’t you agree? Their sense of smell is something that has always amazed me about dogs. My dogs can actually tell when my husband is home even before he gets to our front door, you’ll see them all excited and jumping around. They’re not as excited when a stranger is at the door though.

To play the game of “find it”, you need treats or his favorite toy. First make sure you have your dog’s full undivided attention. You have it? Good. Now give him a que or say “find it” then toss a treat or his toy to a flat surface he can easily see and reach. If he does not understand the command walk near the treat or toy and point it to him. Give him a treat once he retrieves the toy or finds the treat. Do this repeatedly, and increase the level of difficulty as you go. You can also try hiding the treat or toy, once he’s used to the command and already into the game. In hiding the toy or treat, your dog will have to rely on his sense of smell to track down the toy or treat.

You can also incorporate it in his meal time. Once you’ve prepared his food, set it on an area where he’s not around and give the command to find it. Once he finds it, his reward will be his meal.

Remember, in all dog related trainings, o s best to use reward based training. So if he doesn’t find it it’s okay. No treat though. Only give the treat when he finds the treat or toy you’ve hidden.

If your dog is used to the games and is familiar with your kids’ names, you can have your kids play hide and seek with him. For sure he’ll find your kids.

What’s good with “Find It”

Relaxing – if you have a pretty timid or anxious dog, this game will help him relax. Say you have a rescue dog, who’s a bit nervous around the house. You can use this game to get him to walk around and get comfortable with the house.

Training – this game will help practice and enhance your dog’s sense of smell. In order to keep their sense of smell sharp, they need to be practiced regularly.

Playtime – apart from this game being more like a training, this is also one of the most common known playtime between man and dog.

Physical exercise – your dog will be walking, running, jumping and all that physical activity, which means he is also getting some exercise time while playing.

Mental exercise – the game of find it is not just physical. It will also exercise your dog’s brain. As the level of difficulty progress your dog will have to use his sense of smell to find the treat or toy, if strategically place, you dog will have to think of how he can get his paws on the treat or toy.

Their sense of smell is just one of the things amazing about dogs. Use that to keep him healthy and happy.




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