On a bright sunny morning in July, Mark Freeley decided to take his dogs Sara and Storm on Long Island Sound for a walk. Everything was so calming and healthy during the first few minutes of their stride. Storm and Sara were running on the seaside and enjoying the fresh scent of the beach.

But after a while, his golden retriever began to dash and jumped in the water without hesitation. Freeley was utterly surprised and has no idea what made Storm instantly leap like that. He then discovered that a brown furry animal was struggling in the water.

Storm grabbed it by the neck and gently dragged him to the shore. Freeley found out that it was a baby fawn when the two got closer to the coast. He told an interviewer that Storm did what a lifeguard would do when he pulled the baby deer by the neck and brought him to dry land.

After bringing the fawn to the shore, Storm sat beside the deer and started to shake him gently as if he’s waking him up from sleep. He wanted to know if the baby fawn was alright.

Freely contacted the Strong Island Animal Rescue while his dog was checking up on the deer. Frank Florida and Erica Kutzing were the two wildlife rescuers who went to the beach to get the deer. However, before they can even rescue the fawn, the fawn got startled and scared of the dogs and rushed back to the sea.

But Freeley, together with the rescuers, went after him and saved the fawn before he drowns again. It took them around eight minutes to get to where the deer was. Storm showed a face of concern while watching them rescue the fawn.

They brought the fawn to a local wildlife shelter for medical treatments of his ticks and eye injury. He is currently recovering, and Storm, the brave and sympathetic dog who saved the baby deer from drowning, was rewarded by his owner.

Youtube via Mark Freely

Thanks to the Animal Channel for the original article.


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