You will save a lot of money if you learn how to groom your pet at home. In this article, you are going to learn a lot about how to perform proper pet grooming and make your dog look smart and clean.

If you notice your dogs are looking rough and haggard, it’s time to groom them. However, you know you’ll be spending a lot of money by going to a professional dog groomer. The way to get around this expenditure is by learning how to groom your dog yourself.

Start with a bath

A bath at the start of the grooming process helps to remove all the excess oils and dirt on their fur. Regular shampoos may contain harmful chemicals that can do damage to your dog’s hair. This is why you must choose dog-friendly products. After the bath, use a dryer or a towel to dry your pet.

Detangle your dog’s fur

Using a detangling brush, brush your dog’s fur. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to see the results of your grooming. You can do this ahead of time. Also, for excess large clumps of hair, you can use a trimmer to cut some of it off.

Make use of clippers

Clippers are used to trim your dog’s hair to achieve an even look. This is a crucial part of dog grooming and something you need to learn how to do well. High-quality clippers are a good long-term investment if you are going to do this regularly. You can also purchase ones where you can attach a comb too. This serves as a guide for trimming and can give good, even results.

During clipping, your free hand must be on your dog at all times. You will use your other hand to clip while your free hand pulls their skin. With this technique, the skin won’t get in the way of clipping. Do this until you’ve covered the entire body that has fur.

Use thinning shears

Thinning shears are used after the initial clipping session. This item is used as a refiner and a tool for finishing delicate areas around the eyes. Use them also to eliminate lines left after the initial trim.

Compared to scissors, shears don’t leave obvious sharp lines. Thinning shears make your dog look more natural. This also helps you avoid accidents when trimming sensitive areas.

Don’t forget the nails

This is the trickiest part of learning dog grooming. Foot problems can be prevented by regularly trimming your dog’s nails. It can be intimidating at the beginning to try and trim a dog’s nail but don’t worry. Some tools can help you make this process easier.

There are dog nail trimmers that are being sold out there. Don’t use human nail trimmers as those can cause damage to canine nails. If you’re not sure how this can be done properly, a visit to your vet will help.

The vet will teach you how to use the trimmer, what angle to clip, and how to hold your dog during clipping.


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