Dogs love to chase. It’s so much fun for them. But if your dog is chasing your cat, you have to deal with this behavior otherwise you’ll have to deal with your cat’s behavior later on.

There are two things you can do to address this cat chasing behavior. You can do prevention and training.

Prevention is managing the problem.

Rearrange the environment of your dog to prevent the behavior. In other words, remove the dog from a situation that will reinforce the chasing behavior and bring him to his personal area like his dog bed.  Do this if for example you notice that he starts to follow and stare at your cat. His body language will show that he’s about to chase or lunge at your cat.

Once you see this starting, lead him back to his personal place where he can be calm. Just bring him there calmly without arousing any emotion and avoiding to speak to your dog. Play it low-key so he doesn’t associate it to the fact that you’re leading him away from your cat. Sometimes, attention seeking dogs will repeat this to get your attention. This is not the way you want your dog to get your attention.

Dog training is best.

Rewarding him for good behavior will reinforce it. Any chance you see a good behavior, make sure to reward your dog either with a treat, words of praises, or a big warm hug and belly rub.

There’s a better chance of managing the cat chasing behavior of your dog if you’re able to establish that this is the behavior you want from him. In this manner, he can associate the rewards you’re giving him with the good behavior. Anytime he ignores your cat or leaves your cat alone, reward him for it. Be careful though not to confuse your dog during play time with your cat. What you can do is play with both of them so he’ll know it’s play time only when you’re playing with them. This can be tricky so try to be consistent to avoid that confusion.

A little cat help.

Same as dogs, make the environment safe for your cat. If your cat is sharing the same space with your dog, it will be tough to get your dog or your cat to behave properly with each other. Give your cat high places where she can move around the house so the dog gets used to seeing your cat around and know he can’t reach it. Make your presence known by your dog by making him feel you’re always observing him when your cat is around.

Dog energy management.

Dogs have lots of energy and get bored easily so when excess energy and boredom strikes, your dog may resort to chasing your cat. This is the easy part if you have the time. Make your dog burn up energy during exercises and physical plays like running and fetching. Add a little mental exercise like dog command training to prevent your dog from getting bored with the physical exercise or play.

After following these steps and your dog still shows the same behavior, you may consult with a professional. Never leave your dog and cat together unsupervised since you can’t always trust them to behave as you expect them to all the time. There is no guarantee that even after being able to establish this behavior, your dog will not think about chasing your cat in the future.


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