Do you wonder how many owners take their pet to the dog groomer? Do owners consider and think about their pets’ safety? Or do they simply trust the groomer to do whatever they want and just wait for the session to finish?

If you’re this type of owner, rethink your ways. You shouldn’t just leave everything to your groomer. It’s not just the grooming of our pet that we entrust to these people – it’s also their care and safety. Here are things you need to keep in mind when taking your dogs to a professional groomer.

Check their license

You have to look for the business license of the grooming salon. They are usually displayed at the walls along with the individual licenses of the groomers working there. Licensed groomers follow the quality standards and procedures to ensure satisfying services. This means they also prioritize your dog’s safety.

They should ask for your contact information

During your first visit, it should be a standard operating procedure to ask for your contact information. They should have you fill out something called a groomer card. The grooming card will contain both you and your veterinarian’s number. This is important in case of an emergency.

They should ask for health information

Responsible pet groomers will check on you if you know what vaccines your dog already has. They will also ask you details regarding your dog’s health. Relevant information that will come into play during grooming should also be disclosed. Knowing these helps them react properly if anything happens to your dog while being groomed.

Regarding accidents

Even the best handlers aren’t free from accidents. They can happen at any grooming salon. If your dog moves a lot, expect style mishaps, nicks, burns, and, in worst case scenarios, groomers get bitten too. This even happens even if your dog is used to a certain groomer.

Professional groomers will notify you if anything happens. They are also trained to use first aid for dogs. This is why you need to know if a groomer is licensed – you’ll be sure they are trained to handle accidents.

Stress during grooming

It’s natural for dogs to feel a little bit of stress while they are being groomed. But if you notice they’re more stressed than they should be, take it as a bad sign. Some signs to look out for are tremors, biting, drooling, growling, snapping, panting and even excessive urination.

If you notice your dog is experiencing extreme stress, have a word with your groomer to know what transpired. If you find that they have a reasonable explanation, there’s no need to worry. But if this happens often and your groomers’ excuses don’t add up, then it’s time to get a new groomer.

The day at the grooming salon should be a fun and exciting day for your dog. You should do what you can to make your dog feel safe and secure. After grooming, make sure to take care of post-grooming stress. Remember, your dogs well-being is a priority.


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