Summer can mean a lot of fun things to do for you. It comes with plenty of adventures to be done outdoors. It comes with a ton of parties to be enjoyed. This may be just what summer is to us but for your pet dog, this can be something that they dread. After all, dogs are really not huge fans of booms and blasts that come with all of those wonderful things that we call fun. There are going to be plenty of celebrations and with celebrations come plenty of chaos and noises and people and even fireworks. Your pet may be quite calm and cool most of the time but these things can definitely make your dog be filled with stress and anxiety. You do not want your dog to experience that. Therefore, read on and learn just what you can do so that your dog remains cool and calm.

Make him used to loud noises.

Before any huge festivities that may come with loud banging or even fireworks or any other form of loud noises, make sure that you train your dog to be used to those. What you can do so that your dog becomes used to that would be to make sure that you make really loud noises yourself for a few weeks before those events happen. You can also try and be extra noisy especially on that day when the loud noises would come in. That way, your dog will become used to the noise and when the really loud noises come, he would not be surprised anymore.

Give your dog some distractions.

For people, distractions are not good especially if these are keeping you from doing a lot of productive things. However, in the case of dogs, distractions can be quite useful especially if you are trying to keep your dog calm and collected. Make sure that your behavior would be calm as well because this affects your dog’s. Do not try and stress your dog any further by forcing him to do something that he does not want to do.

Be with your dog.

Remember those times when you were so anxious and so depressed that you wanted a companion but had a fear that if you spent time with other people, they would not like you? Well, during that time, you most probably went to your dog and spent a lot of time with him and that made you feel calm and relaxed. You should do the same for your dog when they are not feeling calm. Dogs love being with their owners and they love snuggling right up to their humans. So in case the fireworks come roaring, make sure that you allow your pet to snuggle up to you and try not to drive them away. Let them sit beside you or by your feet. You can also calm them even more by brushing their fur or trying to give them belly rubs or anything else that they like having.


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