Owning a dog may be seen just as owning a dog. But the thing is, owning a dog comes with physical benefits that you may not really realize until you do think about it. Most people would only see the usual thing that dogs bring to them. The list of those usual benefits include security because these dogs have a keen sense of smell and hearing and they would alert you and bark insistently when there are strangers or intruders in their home. Dogs also bring about friendship and companionship for they are always with their owners and are almost always loyal to their humans. Studies have shown that aside from these, dogs also bring you better physical health as well as better mental health.

More exercise with dogs

The European Journal of Medical Research did a study on dogs and their owners. According to the study, those owners who are quite elderly are able to get more exercise and movement as compared to other elderly people who do not have dogs as pets. The study also showed that these people who own dogs actually are a lot less lonely which is a good thing especially if the person is alone and has no more close friends or relatives nearby. For them, they get back that feeling of having a purpose in life now that they do have a dog to take care of.

The benefits of walking with dogs

One of the main responsibilities of dog owners would be to make sure that you take them out for a walk. It does not matter if it is a long one or a short one. What matters is that you take the dog out so that the dog can have fresh air and the exercise that it needs. After all, dogs do come with seemingly boundless energy and this has to be used one way or another. Using it for exercise such as walking is going to be beneficial to the dog.

However, the benefits of walking a dog do not just rest with the dog. The benefits also encompass the owner. This is because the dog cannot simply be allowed to go out alone and have its walk. It must always have its owner with them or it may be seen as a stray and brought to a shelter, which is something that you do not want to happen. Therefore, with the walks that you and your dog take, it helps you a lot. The exercise helps you not feel depression in any form. It also reduces any stress that you may have. Anxiety also has no way in your life.

It does not matter how long or how short the walk is. The thing is, as long as you do go out and enjoy the outdoors, even if it is just your neighborhood, you do get the exercise that you need. Your dog does, too, thus it is good for both of you. Walking is something that you may not have done before you had a dog and now you do.


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