You do know just how much time you and your family spend away from your parents. Your parents are quite old now and they just do not have the energy and the fun and the laughs that used to fill their home. The only times that the happy times come back is when you and your family are home for the holidays or for some quick holiday break. As much as you would love to spend more time with them, your work does not allow you to. That is why you worry about them being lonely and not having the youthful energy that only kids can bring.

One of your possible options would be to give them a dog that they can take care of. You have read somewhere that dogs can become a person’s child. They can treat the dog as if he were a kid and give him anything that he likes. There would be a new sense of purpose in them and that is to make sure that the dog is healthy and that it is taken cared of right. Once they have this purpose back in them, the old folks can definitely feel more energy flowing through them and they would be more than happy to go through each and every day. Dogs are known to be just like that and that is why you are thinking about getting a dog for your parents.

The question now is if it is okay to give them a dog? Well, here are some things that you must first consider before you go shopping for a dog for your folks.

Is the home ready for a dog?

You should first assess if your parents’ home is ready for a dog. Does it already have a fence around the whole front yard or the backyard? It is important to have one because you would not want your elderly parents to be running after a dog who has discovered the freedom of running through the neighborhood. Or if your parents are living in an apartment or a condominium, you may want to check if the building allows dogs.

Is the dog you want a match for your parents’ lifestyle?

You know the kind of lifestyle that your parents have. So it is important that you do find a dog that would be able to suit that lifestyle. If your parents are not the people who really goes outdoors and moves a lot, then you should find a dog that is not too full of energy. If there are a lot of children around your parents, then make sure that the dog you choose loves being around humans and children. You would not want any accidents to happen.

Can your parents still walk your dog?

Having a dog means having responsibilities. It means having to walk your dog daily to make sure that it is able to expel its excess energy. Can your parents still do that? Can your parents still look after a dog? If they can, then go ahead and find that dog that would be good for them.


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