These are basically some tips to help your dog get through the cold and harsh season of winter. After all, you are the owner so you are responsible for keeping them warm. That is why some of the dog experts have shared just what they have found to be effective to make sure that your dog gets through the winter season quite warm and safe and happy. You definitely would want your dog to be in good shape during winter and especially even after that.

Make sure your dog is warm.

You may think that your dog is feeling okay and warm because of all his fur. However, that may not always be the case. The rule of thumb would be to check yourself and ask yourself if you are feeling comfortable and warm. If you are feeling cold that is not comfortable enough for you, then it is really quite likely that your dog may also be feeling the same thing.

There are some dog breeds that are really made to feel okay with cold weather like those from the Northern parts of the world. However, most of the dogs in the world are really just not used to the cold. They are okay with the usual temperatures in rooms as they have already been domesticated. So if you do try and bring your dog outdoors, you may likely observe that he would like to get inside as soon as possible.

To keep your dog warm, what you can do is to find a good spot inside the house that is quite warm. It should not be directly on the floor and you should try and make sure that the place is not near any places were drafts could come in. You may also want to give your dog a blanket to keep him even warm.

Groom your pet.

If you have gone outside with your dog, once you get inside the house, make sure that you wipe all of the paws of your pet. Do this on the underside of his paws. Also wipe the space between his pads. This is very important that you do this because there is salt usually in the snow. There are also chemicals that have been used to melt ice. When you do not wipe your dog’s paws, they could get irritated as the chemicals and the salt can serve as an irritant and they can really burn the paws of your dog. You do not want that to happen.

Another thing that you can keep in mind is that the salt and the chemicals can be quite dangerous for your dog. Your pet would most likely be licking on its paws and that would not be a good thing. This can make your dog become sick or it can even lead to death. Keep in mind though that you just need to clean the paws. You do not have to give your dog a bath because it can make his skin go dry which can lead to an itchy feeling for him.


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